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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skylands: I Want to Go to There.

Martha's house in Maine is named Skylands. When James and I were on our honeymoon in Bar Harbor, we did a lot of exploring. While I would like to say that I didn't stalk Martha, I cannot. We drove around Seal Harbor looking for her house. I'm not sure if we drove by it or not, but there were some absolutely spectacular houses up there that were hidden away on the cliffs in the woods. It was kind of surreal, and I really wish that I had taken some pictures, but we were a little scared of the roads because they were so steep! Anyway, Martha posted some pictures of her redecoration of Skylands, and I can tell you that I will have dreams of receiving a letterpress invitation for a weekend away... Don't tell James, though, because he is not an avid fan, as am I (and this is quite an understatement).

Here are some of my favorite images:

images from here.

I really love the way they redid the kitchen. Just small little elements, like painting various sized bar stools the same color, or setting large glass jars on a window sill really make a difference. Check out the rest of the article... especially the "wall of china."
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