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My Ultimate To Do List.

in no particular order...

Get in the car one day and drive to a place I've never been, but want to see.
Write a blog post from a cafe.
Figure out how to make a good latte in my own kitchen.
Throw a coin over my shoulder into the Trevi Fountain.
Make a French baguette from scratch.
Spend a day with my camera taking photos of anything I want.
Unclutter by getting rid of the things I don't really need (and remain uncluttered).
Explore the city of Boston on foot.
See wild horses run on a beach.
Learn how to relax.
Explore Rosslyn Chapel.
Dip my fingers in Loch Ness or Loch Lomond.
Pay off my student loans.
Eat eine Bretzel in Bavaria.
Learn more about my Grandmother's mother (paternal side).
Trace my ancestry to Europe.
Visit Machu Picchu.
Discover the secrets in The Real Mary King's Close.
Walk barefoot on Omaha Beach.
Buy a house.
Buy a house that's more than 150 years old.
Visit the Washington, D.C. Holocaust Museum.
Float in the Dead Sea (alive, of course).
Drink hot chocolate in a cafe in Vienna.
Explore the rolling hills of Ireland.
Own a Maine Coon Cat.
Own a Newfoundland.
Tour Casa Batlló in Barcelona.
Stand in front of the East Baptistry Doors in Florence.
Take a panoramic photo from a cliff top in Amalfi.
See the Queen (the person, not the movie)
Pay off my credit card debt.
Travel to Cambodia.
Ride an elephant.
Take a gondola ride in Venice.
Own an Irish Wolfhound.
Take a photography class.
Own a vintage letterpress printing press.
Fill a journal, which I've made by hand, with my innermost thoughts and secrets.
Watch the Pony Swim in Chincoteague.
Own a hybrid car.
Ride a horse again.
Own an Egyptian Mau.
Have a picnic.
Visit all the lighthouses on the Outer Banks, NC. (Hatteras, Currituck, Ocracoke, Bodie Island, Cape Lookout)
Visit some of Maine’s lighthouses.
Go on an African Safari.
Write a thank you letter to Stephen King for writing Salem's Lot.
Meet Ben Folds.
Own a Leonberger.
Get a tattoo.
Find a flattering haircut.
Ride Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland.
Ride Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World.
Write a personal manifesto.
Keep a sketch book.
Run a half marathon.
See a bear in Yellowstone National Park.
Watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.
Eat at Charlie Trotter's restaurant.
Eat at Mario Batali's restaurant.
Learn how to do a few yoga poses well.
Find my favorite poem.
Learn how to bake consistently delicious popovers.
Learn how to cook.
Watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.
Write a short story and let someone else read it.
Meet an online friend in person.
Build the perfect kitchen.
Visit New York in the Fall.
Visit New York in the Winter.
Visit New York in the Spring.
Stand in front of Lavender Mist.
Refinish an antique, diy-style.

...a never ending work in progress.

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