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Monday, March 9, 2009

peonies for moi?

I don't think that this lady needs any introduction (she's all over the wedding blog world), but in case she does, she's the sweet and talented author of Peonies and Polaroids, who has given me much inspiration in my wedding planning and life in general over the past few months. She recently opened her Etsy store, aptly named Peonies and Polaroids, and sells the most beautiful photographs.

from here.

I am currently lusting over this photo and have it saved to my etsy favorites. It's just waiting for me to click and add it to my shopping cart... someday soon.

I am in an especially somber mood today, since it was 50 degrees all weekend here in Boston, and now we have a fresh coating of slushy, wet snow and ice. whoopee! At least this photo reminds me that spring is coming (even though peonies technically bloom in mid-summer)!!!
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