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Monday, September 28, 2009

An Open Letter:

Dear J. Crew,

We are officially in a fight. When I place an order for a V-neck cashmere sweater in heather aqua and you send me a navy blue bathing suit bottom, I can forgive you. Everyone makes mistakes. When I go to the store to return said bathing suit bottom and you don't carry my sweater, I am patient, because you offer card members the Red Phone as an in-store service. I will admit, I was a bit peeved when I used the Red Phone and you told me that you were sold out of the size I ordered, but no big deal... I just ordered a size up, because with cardigans, it doesn't matter a great deal. I was thrilled when you offered me 3-day complimentary shipping because I needed it for an important lunch that week. Bonus.

J. Crew, when my sweater did not arrive, I was a bit peeved. I never received a new order number with which I could have checked the status and realized that you needed approval for my credit card (which, by the way, I was assured would not be necessary). I apologize that you had the wrong phone number on the order and that I didn't receive your message, but that's what e-mail is for, isn't it? (Plus, my cell phone number is clearly listed as the primary number on my account -- can't you look that s*** up?) Needless to say, when I called you this morning, and you told me that you had run out of the sweater in heather aqua, as well as the rustic orange color that I would have taken as an alternative, I was more than disappointed. Granted, this issue is partly my fault for not receiving your message, but if you put something on hold, shouldn't it guarantee that the item will be there?

Thankfully, I had an alternative to your bewitching heather aqua cardigan and was able to adequately dress myself for my important lunch meeting, but it just wasn't the same. You broke my heart.

In closing, we are officially in a fight until further notice.

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