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Monday, June 1, 2009


It's 2:30 and I cannot sleep. I'm a ridiculously finicky sleeper, so if I sleep in too late or have caffeine after 3pm, it's inevitable that I'll be up for most of the night. I was pretty stupid and did both of those today... well, yesterday (Sunday).

The weekend was pretty good. I had a lot of work to do, and did a great deal of it. I finished one of my wish bowl card projects, and most of the ceremony programs.

I finished cleaning out the DVR of any and all new shows that haven't been seen. Then, I watched some old Italy-themed episodes of Passport to Europe, specifically Bologna and Rome. The Rome episode is my favorite, with Amalfi and Florence being close runners up (although I was sad to discover that somehow my Florence episode had been deleted!)

Saturday night, James and I were going to see Night at the Museum 2, but were immediately turned off by the crowds, so we went for a walk at the beach instead.

this isn't my photo, but i wish it was. it's where we always walk @ the beach.

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening at the beach, and I really wish that I had brought my camera. (boooo me) The sun was setting and hitting the water just right to give it an eerie glow... it was magic. For some reason, I am so much more calm and at peace when I'm at the beach. It's weird, because I hate going to the beach during the day with all of the sand and hot sun and people, but at night, it's a completely different story. The atmosphere is so much different. The air is cooler, people are calmer. It's just... nicer. I mean, there will always be the little punks ready to run you over on their skateboards, bikes, and scooters, but I can deal with it a little better when the sun is setting behind the Boston skyline, and the couples who have been married for years sit on benches speaking Russian to each other. I know it's strange.

Sunday was a total waste of a day. I didn't even wake up until 11am! Ugh. I'm so disappointed with myself for that. I got up, showered, went to Starbucks, where I left with two drinks (both for me!), then went to Panera for some lunch. I had a caramel macchiato and a green tea lemonade from The Bux, and a fuji apple chicken salad from Panera... all delicioso. I worked all afternoon on gluing programs with my trusty elementary school style glue stick. And, after being all nostalgic for Rome from the day before (and from this and now this), I watched Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck -- two of my all-time favorite actors in one of my all-time favorite movies!

Our new china cabinet is being delivered tomorrow and I can't wait. Knowing my luck, though, the UPS person probably won't leave the package like they used to, so I'll have to go on a wild goose-chase for it. Oh well. It will be worth it -- see?

Julia Cabinet from Target.

Tomorrow will be a busy day at work, so I should probably try to get some sleep... Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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