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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Teddy Bears Won't Suffice:

Lately, I've been daydreaming a lot about our "Future Life," as I like to call it, and a subject that I get really excited thinking about: Pets!

Our current rental situation doesn't allow for animals of any kind. My landlady even went as far as saying that if she found a pet in any of her apartments, she would shoot the pet, then the owner. I wish I was kidding (and I hope that she was kidding... about the shooting the pets part, at least).

I am a serious animal lover. Serious. I've had pets ever since I was born, and have a great deal of trouble living without them now. I've always been a cat person, and James is a dog person. It's not that I'm not a dog person, I'm just unfamiliar with dogs, so I get a bit nervous around them at times... I think that this would change if I had the chance to raise my own puppy, though. Anyway, when we finally get our dream house (or any house, for that matter), I'd like to get some pets. Two cats and a dog, maybe two. I know. It sounds like a lot. Especially when you hear which kinds of dogs we would like!

My picks:
Maine Coon Cat

image from here.

image from here.

i seriously love this cat and his story.

I had an orange and white Maine Coon growing up. He was the best cat. I know that all people say that about their cats, but he was seriously the funniest. He was friendly and lovable. He could definitely be a huge pain in the ass at times, but his lovable nature made up for it. For example, he would do things like climb up the screen door, which would cause my dad or mom to yell at him, and as soon as he knew he was in trouble, he would come over and try to sit in your lap. It was funnier than I'm making it sound. I promise. Anyway, I'd love one. I can't say that I've ever met a Maine Coon owner who isn't addicted to them (oh, but not in the snorting-addicted sense... no cat snorters, please).


image from here.

image from here.

image from here.

I know. They're huge dogs. I just can't help it though... I love the idea of a giant, fluffy, friendly, swimming dog! :o) I'm more attracted to big dogs than little dogs for some reason, and it's been a dream of mine for a long time to have a Newfoundland.

Egyptian Mau

image from here (but the website is in Japanese, so good luck reading it).

image from here.

I don't know much about these cats, other than they're beautiful. I wouldn't be crushed if I didn't own one, but I still think they're pretty.

James' Picks:

Irish Wolfhound

image from here.

image from here.

Yes, I know. He wants a horse. The tallest dog in the world. They're not as fluffy as I'd like, but the big dog thing is covered.

Saint Bernard

image from here.

image from here.

Fluffy? Check. Big? Check. Newfoundland-like? Check. James had a St. Bernard that died suddenly (he still gets upset talking about it), so I'm not sure whether he'd actually want to go ahead and get another one... but it's still a pick on his list.

The Maine Coon is a definite for me. I must have one. No discussions about it, and I'm pretty sure that James understands this. Maybe even two Maine Coon Cats would suffice. I think I'd prefer to have a shelter cat, even if it wasn't purebred, since there are so many cats in need of help. It's always been my dream to go into a shelter and take home the cat that's been there the longest. So, in all likelyhood, I'll have a mixed breed American Short Hair (from a shelter) and a Maine Coon pure or mixed breed. I wouldn't mind a stray either... all of our cats growing up were strays. I think they have so much character -- that survival instinct that never really leaves them!

I have my heart set on a Newfie, but I'd settle for a St. Bernard. When looking for these specific breeds, I would obviously like a puppy (due to the aforementioned unfamiliarity with dogs), but we would most likely start our search with a breed-specific rescue organization, as with the Maine Coon Cat.

Are we crazy? Maybe. At least we both agree that we like really big dogs. :o)

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