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Monday, June 1, 2009

I think I may need this for my collection....

I collect coffee mugs.

For a while, I didn't even have a coffee maker. There's something about a fun coffee mug that just makes me smile. I don't know what it is. For a while, Starbucks had some really great designs, so I was buying one almost every month. I'm actually running out of room for them! Anyway, I read this blog entry on decor8 (my new favorite blog) about Atlanta Bartlett, and started looking at some of the products she sells through Big Tomato Company. While I like most of her things in the shop, I was really taken by this mug:

images from here.

I just think it's so striking, and the ladybug on the inner rim of the mug is so cute! I've always been a huge fan of botanical prints (as can be seen by browsing through some of my notecards in my Etsy shop), so it was obvious to me that I'd be a fan of the whole line. I also love this pitcher:

I really like how each flower is accompanied by an insect of some sort.

Anyway, just thought I'd share... As a side note, I probably won't be purchasing this mug, because I'm almost positive that James is getting a little fed up with my mug collection... Maybe fed up isn't a great choice of words... incredulous? Yes, that's better.
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