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Monday, September 5, 2011


I guess someone (lots of someones) forgot to secure their precious sailboats before hurricane Irene graced us with her destructive presence.

We lost power for about 12 hours, but remained generally unscathed, besides the trauma induced by a lack of internet access, no television, and an overall feeling of being shit on, since we were the ONLY NEIGHBORHOOD IN WALTHAM TO LOSE ELECTRICITY.  For realz; we drove around and checked. 

To flip to my new-found optimistic side, it was actually peaceful to have all the windows open and to hear crickets instead of road-rage-fueled traffic incidents and to see stars instead of streetlights.  I felt like I was in some parallel, pastoral universe.  Or at my parents' house.  Plus, Irene brought some greatly appreciated cooler weather and unbelievably blue skies. 

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