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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A long overdue thank you.

While I've been taking an unintentional break from blogging, I haven't been doing absolutely nothing...


I finally got around to photographing and posting these in the shop...  This was a bitch of a design, and while I love the final result, it will probably be awhile before I do something like it again, because trying to align the two screens perfectly was a pain in the ass...  I have a profound respect for all the letterpress and gocco printers who have mastered the art of registration, because it's difficult!!

The summer has been rather blah, I'm afraid to say.  The break from blogging was an unconscious decision due to a lack of inspiration, a lack of ideas, a lack of things to talk about... Well, I should say a lack of positive things to discuss.  See, I really dislike whining and bitching on my blog, so I try to refrain.  Unfortunately, there are many times when the only thoughts running through my brain are negative and not worthy of posting, because I don't like poisoning someone else's brain with negativity.  So, for anyone still reading...

I truly appreciate all of you friends, both that I know and have yet to meet, that read this, and hope that you will stick with me during my transition back to "happy thoughts." 
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