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Monday, October 12, 2009

The makings of a great Columbus Day Weekend:

The Alyson Edition.

What you will need:

1. Friday night: Come home from work and do nothing.  Nothing consists of hopping into sweatpants the moment upon arriving home (because it's raining), making something simple for dinner, then reading blogs and watching tv all night long, until James comes home. 

2. Saturday: Wake up whenever your body tells you to.  Realize that you're having one of those days where anything will make you cry for no reason (it's not that you're sad, because you're not).  Make plans for a date in the city with one of your bestest friends, which makes you feel a little better.  Get into a tiff with your sister for no reason.  Go to your parents' house and watch Apollo 13 with your dad and feel a lot better, because no matter how many times you say it, the joke about Lieutenent Dan & Forrest Gump saving Apollo 13, then joining the army in Vietnam never gets old (you have to be there, I guess).  Make dinner with your parents.*  Burn the bread.  Watch Sleepy Hollow, because you just can't get enough of Johnny Depp, and it's become a Christopher Family tradition to watch it every October.  Stand outside in the chilly October air, gazing up at the stars, because they're absolutely beautiful when there isn't city light polluting your view (I really need to move back to the country).  Realize that you're thankful for the life you're living.

3. Sunday: Say you're going to wake up early, but really wake up whenever you feel like it.  Get up, go to downtown Belmont for coffee and bagels.  Admire your perfectly parallel-parked car, because it only took you one try!!! Go home and write thank you notes in bed while watching dvr'ed shows, because you're ridiculously late in writing them.  It's not that you're not thankful, because you are, it's just that life has been busy and time has flown by.  Finish up around 5 and go to the fair with James and his family, after switching your outfit twelve times and painting your nails pomegranate red...  Delight in the fact that your nieces want to hold your hand all night, and your nephew still gets bashful when he has to say hi to you.  Watch the draft horse cart pull, because you're a dork like that.  Get yourself your annual funnel cake, after searching the entire fairgrounds for it with a pout. Get home and warm up to a hot cup of tea while watching Dexter, your new addiction.  Sleep with the window open so you can wear a sweatshirt and socks to bed and huddle under the covers... love the cold air.

sorry for the crappy photo quality... the camera on my phone is not very good.
4. Monday: Tell yourself that you're going to get up early, but really wake up whenever you do.  Get up, read some blogs, make some oatmeal (the long way) with brown sugar and honey drizzled over the top and try out the new Starbucks Via instant coffee with caramel and milk.  It's actually really good, and easy.  Sit and read more blogs.  Finish up a custom Wish Bowl Cards order for a very nice customer & package it up.  Clean up your grossly neglected apartment, focusing on the kitchen and living room.  Go to target when James gets home, because you need toilet paper and other necessities.  Argue about Discuss what you should have for dinner & figure it out on the way home.  Finish the weekend off by watching House & Gossip Girl (tbd, because we could just simply watch movies) on the couch with a mug of chamomile tea.

The end.

* I will post the recipe for this unbelievable dinner we made on Saturday night, because I'm planning on making it again this week!!  It was that good.
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