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Sunday, October 18, 2009

In love with the Gap.

I was so mad when I was perusing the Gap's website the other day, because I found this:

from here.
Isn't it great?  I think it is.  I am a person who has to buy most things with stripes, and coats are no exception.  The only problem, is that I already bought this one from J. Crew last year:

 from here, no longer available for sale.

The reason I'm angry?  Because I paid way more for the J.Crew coat, even though I bought it at the outlet for a significant reduction off the original price.  Crazy, right?  If I had just been patient enough...  Here's the thing, though: the Gap coat has enough differences that it would be alright to buy, right?  Maybe I've been good this year, and Santa will have mercy on me...  but this is also on my list:

 from here.

ugh.  sometimes I make myself sick.
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