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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The part where you start to see how I'm all dark and twisty on the inside...

So, I make reference to the fact that I am, as Meredith Gray would say, "all dark and twisty on the inside." I am, to myself and many others, an enigma. I enjoy pretty, flowery, happy things, but I also have seriously dark interests, like serial killers, horror movies, vampires, and autopsy, to name a few. I can't really help it, it's just who I am... I've tried my hardest to hide that side of me in this blog, but I realized that it is who I am, and this blog is about me, my interests, and my life, so...

this may be offensive to some... i apologize in advance.

These are pictures of the condo complex where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered.

We were in Brentwood visiting friends, when they told me that they lived a few blocks away. My sister and I sort of insisted that we drive by, since the OJ Simpson Trial was an unforgettable landmark in our childhoods: our father is a lawyer and was the only one in our circle of family and friends insisting that OJ would not be convicted of the murder -- he was correct. The justice system is such a tricky thing. OJ was not guilty, because the prosecution couldn't prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he did it. There isn't a doubt in my mind, however, that he was not innocent.

I felt a little cheap taking photos of a place where something deeply troubling and abhorrent happened, but I couldn't resist... The road that she lived on is Bundy Road. How creepy is that?

sorry to put such a downer post in here... i've been a little out of sorts lately. clutter is piling up in my apartment, i'm tired all the time. i have no motivation to blog. i'm in sort of a "not entirely bad, but could easily get to that point" place right now and am hoping that i'll come out of it soon...
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