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Monday, August 31, 2009

I wants.

It was quite serendipitous that I saw one of these beautiful butterfly shadow-boxes, from BugUnderGlass, on the Etsy front page the other day. I don't usually look at the front page for more than a split second anymore-- just zoom past it to my desired destination. I'm so glad I glanced long enough, because I have been looking for something like this for a couple of years and never even thought to look on Etsy.

Silly Ally, Etsy has everything.

The creator, Kevin Clarke, is a biologist/artist (who grew up in MA -- bonus points), who takes bugs (that have died naturally) from insect farms and creates beautiful artwork. Each piece has an informational sticker on the back of the frame that contains educational details about the particular insect featured, and all of his work is sealed without harmful fumigants.

I'm planning on creating another gallery-display wall in my hallway in the near future, and want to give it a more antique look by framing old prints and things, so these would actually be perfection.

I wonder if he could find me a Death's-Head Hawkmoth, like the one in Silence of the Lambs (the movie, not the book... in the book it was a Black Witch moth)...

Death's-Head Hawkmoth, image from here.

gosh, I'm such a creep...

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