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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Design Sponge Before & After

I really loved this Design*Sponge Before & After transformation I found whilst plugging through my google reader recently:

images courtesy of Design*Sponge

I think it's fantastic that she painted the porch floor in stripes!! I have been taken with painted floors for some odd reason lately, and would love to paint the linoleum in my kitchen, but fear that my landlady would serve my head on a platter at her next Shabbat if I attempted it without her permission!

I am too afraid to ask things like that, because I don't want her to become suspicious of our home improvement activities (of which we have none) and start poking around. Not that I have anything to hide (except that sometimes our apartment is very cluttered and messy, and our kitchen sink sometimes smells like indescribable oddities... oh, and the bodies... ha, jk!), I just don't like the thought of people snooping.

We have reason to believe that our landlords & maintenance guy come into our apartment unannounced, because sometimes the "heated dry" button on our dishwasher (you know, the one you push to make sure your dishes come out steaming hot and clean, without water spots?) is sometimes turned off. I never touch any of the settings on the dishwasher, always just turn it on, so I know that it wasn't me, and James doesn't really do dishes, so it wasn't him... ugh. The thought of it makes me incredibly angry and also creeped out.

Anyway, I imagine that a painted porch floor would need some upkeep, but I think that it would be completely worth it. This is going to be filed away in my "future house" file...

oh, and p.s.: seeing Julie & Julia for the second time doesn't detract any from the movie... it's just as good the second time around, if not better, in case anyone was wondering!
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