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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The one with the dog show, a hail storm, and flash flooding.

I attended my first dog show a couple of weekends ago!! It wasn't really what I expected, but it was a lot of fun!! I saw a lot of different dogs (obviously), and was really, really excited to see the Newfoundlands!!

I was in seventh heaven around all of these newfies!

a bull mastiff on the left, my friend's pug on the right (he's the cutest and most well-behaved dog)!

i saw an irish wolfhound up close and personal... it was huge.

I met up with a close friend of mine at the dog show and we decided to get some dinner after we did some shopping (at the local outlets, not the dog show). As soon as we headed out to dinner, a terrible thunderstorm popped up and we were caught in terrible bouts of flash flooding! We both drive cars that are rather low to the ground, so instead of driving through very, very deep puddles, we pulled into a parking lot (on high grounds, thankfully), and watched the following play out:

as you can see, the road was almost completely flooded.

Oh, hi! What are these things pounding the roof of my car? Why, it's hail, of course!

you can see the hail on the mulch bed.

and the best part:

this dude was just wandering around, getting pelted with hail!

The hail was coming down so hard that I couldn't even hear myself think! I honestly thought that my car would have had lots of little dents in it, but it was fine. At one point, however, I was very unsure of how I was going to get home, because I ended up driving through a puddle that was so deep I felt like I was parting the Red Sea. It soaked my under-carriage so much, that my air conditioner stopped working and my whole car fogged up as a result. Thank goodness we pulled over when we did.

It was a fun, and somewhat harrowing day, but I made it through my first dog show and hail storm relatively unscathed. All I have to say, is thank goodness for GPS! Nancy, my sometimes pesky GPS, got me out of quite a few messes, and helped me get to our dinner destination with very little damage to my car.
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