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Thursday, June 4, 2009

PS Colorscope

I am (and I'm a bit ashamed to admit this) an avid horoscope reader. I read it every day at Starbucks, and usually believe it. I love reading things that tell me about my personality based on my birthday, birth year, favorite color... which is why I really like the Paper Source Colorscope. Our wedding colors were mainly Night, Lake, and Bluebell, with accents of Pool. According to the Colorscope of our wedding, it was traditional, classic, full of sincerity and love, and romantic, with a little objectivity thrown in for good measure. I would love to say that these key words were all very good adjectives for our wedding, but I'm obviously very biased and could not be considered an impartial judge! I will say, however, that without even looking at the Colorscope (for I had not yet discovered the magic that is PS), those were some of the key words I was aiming for by choosing those colors. seriously. Scary, right?

I have a lot of different favorite colors, and they always change with my mood, the seasons, etc, so it's always fun to read my current Colorscope... Right now, I'm liking chartreuse, moss, papaya, beet, blossom, pool, and bluebell. (See, I told you I like a lot of colors!) So, this means that lately, I've been sympathetic, serious, classic, quiet, and people should seriously start taking my advice.... hmmm... some of those are quite true (mainly the take my advice part)! I don't know if these are all true, but I have fun with it! :o)

image from here.

What's your Colorscope?

** oh, and p.s. Paper Source now has a blog. hooray! :o)
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