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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I love it when I stumble upon local awesomeness.

I just found this Etsy shop today (via the lovely ladies of 100 Layer Cake [when I was cleaning out my google reader!!]), and was really excited to see that the owner, Angela, is based in Boston.

While I am impressed with all of the things in her shop, I was especially taken with these blank, hand-bound books that can be used as journals, guestbooks, or whatever you'd like, really. I love the simplicity and elegance of the vintage stamps as the focal point of the covers, and all of the lovely details. I have no idea what I'd use mine for, but I really, really want one... I'm especially pining for the gray one! :o)

I really love anything that has black and white stripes (or any stripes for that matter). I cannot tell you how many things I purchase on a whim, simply because they're striped. I love this black and white baker's twine, and the rustic and whimsical look it gives when used to adorn packages.

I thought this invitation line was really creative and fun. You pick a victorian-style icon, and then you add in your own information to customize it. It's a really unique and fun idea!

She's doing a letterpress and bookbinding workshop in Somerville in August with Albertine Press, and I really want to go!!!
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