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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Badassing up some toile.

I'm kind of amazed by the work of Richard Saja. His blog, Historically Inaccurate, is a collection of brilliantly weird creations. I was first introduced to his work by a good friend of mine, and have been completely awestruck by it ever since. He does some of the most amazingly creative (and strange) things I've ever seen anyone do to fabric. And I'm in love with it. Look at how talented he is:

My favorite pieces are from his "Frankentoile" collection, in which he cuts up pieces of toile and patches them together. I love toile to begin with. I have it in my bedroom, and would probably cover my entire apartment with it, if James wasn't so insistent upon floral prints and pink gingham (i kid, i kid). But, I do think that this would be a perfect addition to anyone's home who loves the look of toile, but also likes to delve into the weirder side of life, much like my friend K. and I do. :o)
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