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Monday, April 20, 2009

Pottery Barn likes, loves, etc.

Here are some things that I'm loving from Pottery Barn this minute:

Newport Double Sink Console

I really like the shelf on the bottom and the contrast of the dark counter top. This is probably weird to say this, but aren't those faucets gorgeous?

Black & White Apothecary Bath Accessories

I started collecting these and absolutely love them. I especially love the calligraphic font used.

Farmhouse Bed in espresso and Voyager Trunk (now on sale)

And, here's my love of all furniture loves again. I really cannot wait until I have this bed. The trunk isn't too bad either. I really like the antique brass plackets on it.

Expedition Trunk

I have a thing for antique (looking) trunks... can't you tell? My parents inherited two antique trunks from my great uncle that have been sitting in our musty basement for years. I'm going to attempt to refurbish them this spring summer... we'll see how that goes.

Seaport Lanterns

I have a couple of these and love them! You can stick them anywhere, really, and they add a really nice, beachy touch to any room. I currently use lanterns on my bedside tables instead of reading lamps, and I love the way they give the room a different, more relaxing feel.

Tiberon Planters (I prefer the blue)

I bought a few of the painted cachepots from Pottery Barn last season and planted my gardenia, hibiscus, and poppy in them. They're so bright and cheery! I was grateful to have them in my living room during the past snowy winter.

Wall Mount Bells

I already have these in my bedroom, but I still love them (that's a good sign, right?) I hung them vertically in stead of horizontally.

I have wanted this coffee table for so very long, but it doesn't match my living room furniture. We decided to go with black, painted wood furniture in the living room to match the bookcases. It used to come in black, but I guess they did away with that color. I prefer it in black, but think that this chestnut color is pretty too.

That's all for now...
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